Perspective Lyrique / from building to head, then explode

Since I can now “somehow” rely on MadMapper for the technical aspects of 1024’video mapping projects, I’m happy to focus a bit more on content creation. Back to the roots.
For Perspective Lyrique, a mapping we’re doing in Lyon, Fr, for the “Fete des Lumiere” (aka Light festival), I’m developing a realtime morphing application, that will transform (according to the audience voice) the actual building into a crying head, then eventually we’ll explode it.
Here’s the sequence (snapshotted from realtime QC).
Freaky ?

9 Responses to “Perspective Lyrique / from building to head, then explode”

  1. Wow ! Incredible job !

    I can’t believe you’re doing this with QC.
    Trying to understand how you’re doing… :-/

    Morphed 3D objects ?
    But how do you “wireframe” them like this ? With a shader ?

    Or maybe particles ? (the explosion at the top right of the 3rd pic)

    Whatever, I guess this is top secret right now :-)

    Congratulations !

  2. 1024Architecture.Franz Says:

    modelled with 3dsmax….

  3. i like :-) very cool.

  4. Wow! Should be great show! Congratulations! Love it!

  5. Nice concept; I like the art.

    Are you using anything custom on the morph or K3D?

  6. Innovinchina Says:

    Hope everything’s fine.
    See ya in Lyon, check our spot !!


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