Paris Tennis Masters 2010

Today was the sunday start of the French Tennis Masters, in Paris,
We did some new footage to project on the tennis ground, just before the players start the match. Here are two snapshots. Projected using MadMapper and a custom QC software.

5 Responses to “Paris Tennis Masters 2010”

  1. Richard Hallgren Says:

    Hi! I wound who makes the music to this event? I would be werry glad to get some information about the band or dj who plays. Ohterwise its a good tournament. I like it. And Im glad to se what Söderling has come so far in the tornament. I hope he will be playing against federer in a final.


  2. Henri de Tapia Says:

    amazing !,
    I would like to know , how many projectors you need for this show, do you install yourself the projectors. It must be a very accurate task !

  3. looks awesome! Got any vids of it to show us?

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