Tetra.Tennis 0.62

Next week we’ll be projecting on the tennis ground of the BNP Paribas Tennis Masters, in Paris / Bercy.
So it was time for some improvements to our Tetra.Tennis custom application.
This year we’ll go with Particles, thanks to our ParticlesWarFare QC plugin (available for download), and we’ll run the show through MadMapper – our custom Video Mapping software.
Hope to see you there.
Here’s a snapshot of the on-going app:

3 Responses to “Tetra.Tennis 0.62”

  1. uau!franz
    nifity looking soft
    could you explain a litle how did you integrate QC with your soft?

  2. 1024Architecture.Franz Says:

    It is QC-based, so all the pictures are generated realtime, controlled with a PS3 joypad. The visuals are also sending Midi signals to Ableton Live, so we have some kind of audio FX. The app is coded in cocoa, then the output is send to either the preview on main computer screen, or to MadMapper on the secondary display. I’m using a QCview and Syphon framework.

  3. […] Mad Mapper for one of their projects with the French Masters Series, in conjunction with their own Tetra.Tennis […]

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