_1024_ParticleWarfare QCPlugin

Finally, the beta is out. Just on time for the weekend.
This will definetly mark a pause in the plugin storm emitted from this blog, as I’d rather focus on producing content now.
This plugin obviously features, among particle emission, lots of bugs too.
Sample files are included. 10.5/10.6 Intel. Download from the box.
No blabla or description, try it, eventually drop a comment, I’ll be happy. If you do kewl things with it, send us a picture or a video.
For those of you in Paris the 2nd of October 2010, there will be a particle-emitting scaffolding structure on the Saint Louis bridge. See you there. Or not.

7 Responses to “_1024_ParticleWarfare QCPlugin”

  1. Where can i find the download link?

  2. Interesting plugin – another particle systems tool in the QC toolbox. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Excellent

  4. blackburst Says:

    I love this thing, and personally I really dig most of your plugs, fkn genius. Tell me something though, when I move the emitter around it seems to have a kind of refresh rate resulting in heaps of rings of particles when the emitter is moved quickly. What is that and how do I minimise it?

    • Francois Wunschel Says:

      You have to queue your emitter’s position and use StructureEmit mode.
      (I sent you an example by email)

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