_1024_Image_to_Sound 1.2

Bugfix 1.2 version.
Bangnoise and GT kindly noted that the initial plugin would NOT go through start:/stop: execution cycle.
It was a stupid bug on my side, it actually took 2 minutes to fix, less than the time to write this post.
Stop/Start the comp, Enable/Disable the plugin, now all working correctly.
Thanks Tom + Georges for noting this.
Download the updated version.

4 Responses to “_1024_Image_to_Sound 1.2”

  1. woa! i love it!

  2. Thanks for making this public, it looks really interesting.

    I’m having a rather stupid moment… Where do I download the file from?

    Is it possible to use this to actually generate audio from QC? I’m just beginning with it and want to create audio based on the iSight video image (colours to frequencies, etc).

  3. Uhm… Ok, I’ve just found the box. It isn’t appearing on this page for me though – I was thrown by that! Cheers.

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