Today I got tired of noodling.
As I have to control an array of 30x Martin Atomic 3000 stroboscopes,
all set up in mode 4, that would make a boring 240 noodles to hand pipe in QC.
So I came up with this little plugin, that takes a input structure of booleans, counts it, and automatically generates an output structure of values and addresses, suitable for KnM ArtDMX sender.
The result is only 2 noodles : one for the structure and and one for blackout.
Plus I can select which mode the strobes will be operating in.
Quite handy actually.

Download available on request, as the sample comp uses KnM Artnet, which is payware.

So this:

is replacing this:

a big crap-storm of noodles.
Haaaa, the joys of coding !

11 Responses to “_1024_ATOMIC3000_Array”

  1. nifty! you could also set all strobes to the same dmx address, unless you want them to behave individually over time

  2. raveendran Says:

    Can you please let me know any plugins available in QC for MANTIS integration ?

    Please update me to jazzezravi at gmail dot com

  3. franz, I would really appreciate a copy of this to try out for sometime, along with any other art-net oriented goodies that you might want tested on other hardware for that matter. Thanks!

  4. 1024Architecture.Franz Says:

    sent to your mail

  5. Juan Carlos Says:

    franz, I would really appreciate a copy of this. thanks for your amazing work!

  6. HI! You are really great. thanks a lot for your work.
    I ask the patch?
    My email is m.quondamatteo@tiscali.it

  7. Oliver Kulpsoo Says:

    Hy Francois.
    Would like to try your strobo patch in our new performance. Can’t do it myself.
    Is it somehow possible to get it?

  8. Great stuff, I would have to build this myself unless you would be so kind to send me the code.

    Big request! :) TNX

  9. Hey Franz, it’s possible to try this plugin ? thx

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