Mapping the Office

We had a quick go tonight at our mapping engine
– codename::HollyWood Draw -,
peacefully drawing in the office.
Here’s a photo showing the results…

and the original projected picture:

6 Responses to “Mapping the Office”

  1. alvaro jimenez Says:

    just have a quick question ,, when you will release a beta for us the ignorants,, haha,, all this interfaces i see here in your website are all whitin qc, or some other software.. thanks , everytime i see some work you put out,, i think to myself , you are just light years ahead of us.. your our inspiration…


  2. Increible!!! What software Have you used? Thanks!!,

  3. Toby Russell Says:

    The line software… Very cool, How much is it?
    I would like to buy it, if it’s for sale..

  4. Toby Russell Says:

    Ok, I do own Mad Mapper, I don’t se it on (your space)
    I have Mad Line, but Hollywood lines is not there..

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