Nuit Blanche / projection test

Another test to verify the framerate and the graphics of our Nuit Blanche installation in Paris, next 2nd October.
This snapshot shows the 6 final outputs, as seen from the projector point of view.
A good opportunity to test our vector font plugin, and some other goodies.
Now that the software running the installation is almost finished, it is about time to develop some crazy graphics… of course sync’ed to an audio track.

8 Responses to “Nuit Blanche / projection test”

  1. great stuffs man! like your blog

  2. Franz, what is that screen breakdown representative of? Are those your outputs to projectors?

  3. 1024Architecture.Franz Says:

    yes, these are my 6 outputs to the projectors.

  4. Benoît Lahoz Says:

    Great job ! I’ve seen your Nuit blanche tonight. Congratulations !

  5. Violaine Says:

    What is the playlist of the installation Nuit blanche? The music was amazing !

    • 1024Architecture.Franz Says:

      the main tracks were:
      Chloé / One in other
      the Penelope’s / Sabotage
      Pulseprogramming / Within the orderly life
      Matthew Dear / Another

  6. what programs did you use?

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