_1024_GL_CubicCurve Quartz Composer Plugin

Still on the boost this week, so here’s a QC plugin
that might be handy to draw GL Cubic Curves, with handles.
Interpolation step is hardcoded to 40.
10.5/ 10.6, although the included example is 10.6 only,
due to the new Interaction and Instructions patch, so useful for demos.

Download from the box.

4 Responses to “_1024_GL_CubicCurve Quartz Composer Plugin”

  1. Your works is very important!
    Thank you very much!

  2. HaHa :)
    Enorme de voir que l’on se fait les dents dans xcode pratiquement sur les même chose :)

  3. mince j’en oublies les “S” de partout !

  4. It would be great to have a patch like this that is capable of adding extra points dynamically, if you were trying to flesh this out more in the future.

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