Mad_QC !


MadMapper 1.4 is out today,
and adds its lot of QC goodness !
Native QC file integration – in case you hadn’t tested out the beta version – and Interactive mode, where you can pass Keyboard and Mouse events to the running comp, directly into MadMapper’s input preview.
All published QC inputs are shown in MadMapper’s interface, and can be recalled by the Preset system.

As a bonus, I quickly made 2 sample files which illustrate the extra power offered by Quartz Composer to your favorite mapping application.
While these files might not be exempts from bugs, it is always a good opportunity to QC-newcomers to explore these files.

The first one is MAD_SimplePlayer, which will just playback all the video files from a folder, one after the other. I’ve added a Core Image chain example, chaining 2 CIfilters, respectively ColorControls (Contrast, Saturation …) and ColorMonochrome. Have fun placing your own filters here.

Here’s a snap of the published inputs, automatically shown in MadMapper:

The second file is an automatic slideshow module, which will read a folder of images, and smooth transition between them, allowing some timing controls.
Note that you can drag an drop a folder directly on the path input field, and MadMapper will reflect its path as a QCString.
Here’s the snapshot:

You can donwload the QC files from here:
MAD_QC 1.0
or from the QC Plugins Repository

8 Responses to “Mad_QC !”

  1. that good! testing it now!

  2. Vraiment cool !
    Question : est-il possible d’assigner les inputs à une interface de commande midi ?

    • Francois Wunschel Says:

      Pour l’instant seuls les presets sont fonctionnels. L’implementation MIDI definitive est prevue pour MM version 1.5

  3. Bonjour, sacré boulot ! , comme a chaque fois…donc pour l instant les presets seuls sont assignables en midi? comment?

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