UZN: testing MadMapper’s Space Scanner

Having just one night to set up a video installation proved to be easier than expected.
With the help of MAdMapper’s Space Scanner tool, we were able to get a pixel precise view of the projection surfaces, and use this as a handy background to draw our lines and quads.
With this background, the productivity was greatly increased.
Although the lighting situation was far from prefect (no possibility to turn of the traffic lights, lots of people passing by, shaky tripod… etc), the resulting image were clean enough to be useful.
For each projector, I did 3 different shots, using different settings, then composited the 3 pictures together to keep only the cleaner parts.
Verdict: the closer you can get to ISO 100 is better, as you get less artifacts/noise.
Here’s the result: (using a triple head setup)

2 Responses to “UZN: testing MadMapper’s Space Scanner”

  1. Hi Franz, thanks for the info, the spacial scanner tool is something a bit tricky to grasp at first, although the result is pretty cool…
    so the only way of doing multi-screens setups is with the triple head, right? do you think there will be support for multi-screen like in modul8 with multiple GPU’s?

    arriba madmapper!!

  2. Francois Wunschel Says:

    so far only triple head for multiscreens.
    multi gpu output is a planned feature tho.

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