Perspective Lyrique / MadMapper

After a SSD Laptop crash, finally I took some time to snapshot the Madmapper+ QC + Ableton Live + CueMix view.`More to come in the next post ;°).

16 Responses to “Perspective Lyrique / MadMapper”

  1. Hey where can i get the boom boxer and de madmapper software?…do i have to buy them or can i download them from some site?

  2. hi there franz
    can i ask you what ssd where you using? (OCZ Vertex II SSD 120gb) this is the one i want to buy for my mcbook pro. can you help out?
    merry christmas and a happy new year with lots of coding in it…:9

  3. Hey Guys, Beatiful work both on the MapMapper project and those amazing QC plugins.. I’m very very curious about the release of the MadMapper Soft, since I’m preparing some Mapping projects for this year, so that would come in handy..
    the integration with M8 will also apply to other apps, like VDMX or is limited to M8? please keep me posted on your progress..

    lot of success on your visual projects this year!!



    • 1024Architecture.Franz Says:

      the integration will apply to any syphon-enabled app, such as: VDMX, MaxMSP, Unity, QC, Modul8….

  4. hello
    congratulations for the software, really cool.
    I am a professor of laboratory for new technologies of the Academy of Brera (Italy)
    I’d like to test your software with my students to make a case study. it would be possible to have a preview version?
    Thanks Andrea Carpentieri

  5. MadMapper is already available for sale?

  6. you got any newsletter or something : ) may is getting here .. :P

    I f*cking worship your work guys. It inspires my synapses! My frontal lobe is on fire : P

    • Francois Wunschel Says:

      We’ll unveil MadMapper during the Mapping Festival in Geneva, end of May.

      • great! .. i will be there! in some way. would love to combine video with the still projetors “panis” ; ) i dont want to spam, mail me if you want to see some work : )

  7. Yaniadi Arif Says:

    Hi. I’m from jakarta art institute, and congratulations on going to the presence of mad mapper, I am very interested in how I can buy it, especially in southeast asia, please keep me informed about the software and tutorials. tx

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