Perspective Lyrique / on location tests

we just spent all night tinkering our projection, trying to match the actual architecture as close as possible. Thanks to MadMapper, the task was rather easy, although we found a few really annoying UI bugs. Due to some modelling inaccuracies, I had to split the projection in 3 parts, each perspective corrected. Nevertheless, we ended up being roughly satisfied (but ya know the tune… I can’t get no …).
Then we took a few photos on location. And as usual with video mapping, the parts you design the quickest are the best…

Here’s the building relighted in 3d (Ambient Occlusion + Soft Shadows + Toon shader):

And the headshot, fully voice-activated (AO + SS + 8 morph targets depending on the tone of the voice):

And the MadMapper setup:

Tomorrow, I’ll try another Madmapper technique, using either grid warped (but still perspective corrected) or maybe camera pose estimation (with an openGL matrix output-to-file feature, then back in QC).

One Response to “Perspective Lyrique / on location tests”

  1. this may ver y well b one of the coolest blog posts ive ever read. keep em coming! whats the website for mad mapper? would love to see it in action in a more in depth look

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