_1024_Perspective QCplugin

It is about time to release our Perspective correct QCplugin, known as Homography.
It will allow you QClovers to corner pin a quad in a perspective-correct manner.
Useful for video mapping projects. I’ve been abusing it in the past year.

The plug is just transforming the openGL matrix, so it should be rather light on your GPU.
Download from the box on the right side of this site. Enjoy.

32 Responses to “_1024_Perspective QCplugin”

  1. Couldn’t you get the same effect by just using a standard Sprite patch, and rotating it on the X-axis?


  2. 1024Architecture.Franz Says:

    you could, but it would be lots of tinkering. Here you “pin” the corners of the quad, which is faster.

  3. nicolas horne Says:

    do you know memo and his ‘4 point quad warper’?
    which one is faster?

    • 1024Architecture.Franz Says:

      memo’s is on the GPU (it is a shader). Mine on the CPU but the calculation is “rather” fast.
      So Memo’s should be a bit faster.
      However, AFAIK, memo’s is not perspective-correct, whereas mine is.
      It depends on your usage. If you don’t map very precise objects or building with important perspective effect, you won’t see the difference, so memo’s will be better.

      You should try both and make your opinion.

  4. nicolas horne Says:

    thanks, thats clearifying!!

  5. first of all you are doing really outstanding stuff.. thanks for this.. you got my deepest respect..
    but one question.. am i right that this plugin doesn’t work in an iterator?

    greetz from munich..


    • 1024Architecture.Franz Says:

      It should work but the incoming image has to come from a structure of images. Thanks for noting this, I’ll change that in the next version so that the plug works out of the box.

      • sinsynplus Says:

        ok.. you are right.. it works now.. even with ordinary single images.. but i’ll try the suggested structure concept.. i have to admit that i had a system restart in between..
        anyway.. thanks for your quick reply..

      • sinsynplus Says:

        i tried to feed an image structure in but didn’t get the expected results.. maybe i’m on the wrong way but it seems that just the first image is loaded.. and also just after restarting the composition.. maybe you could post a quick example?
        anyway.. the plugin without iterator works just fine.. never before noticed the huge difference to memo’s quad shader..



  6. Let me echo that I find your work really interesting…
    I’ve run into some strange behavior with the _1024_perspective patch and I’m hoping that you can explain to me what is happening. I’ve added a patch in QC that allows me to control the corners using the mouse. In order to help debug some weird behavior I display circles at the corner coordinates that are input to _1024_perspective. After doing this I notice that the corner coordinates that I input to the patch initally match, but after some changes to the quad they no longer match the corner positions of the homography mapped image plane. Is there something that is being done in _1024_perspective that I am missing? Thanks in advance.

    • 1024Architecture.Franz Says:

      You must be missing something I guess… Please re-download version 1.01 from the box, it contains a new sample file with circular-handles that you can drag, to verify that is is working correctly. (You’ll need 10.6 for the example btw, it uses the Interaction patch)

      • Thanks… I redownloaded and now there is much more going on in the .qtz file and the dragging works.

  7. LOVE IT!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!
    Any chance of more blend modes???? pretty please??


    • 1024Architecture.Franz Says:

      Which ones ?

      • oooooops mispoke, was thinking a Mask image input would be verra cool.
        have been jumping back and forth into After FX all day,
        “Body like stone, mind like meatloaf.”


      • just to clarify, the mask image would also be “Perspectified” using the same coordinates…

  8. casey Scalf Says:

    Just great, can’t say how much I appreciate this patch.

    With this patch and in combination with the polygon mask I have been able to map some great shapes.

    I was curious to hear if there was a way to add more handles (i.e. starting with a pentagon or hexagon?). I am not sure if there would be a simple way, or if your work is fairly proprietary.

    Keep up the good work!

  9. Sorry for my stupidity, but where is the download box?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?

  10. mynameisavisual Says:

    Hi guys,

    I need some help here.
    I use the _1024_Perspective.qtz because it’s easyer with the mouse to set everything. But every time I sace it it and reopen it evertything is gone? Isn’t there a save option or something like that?
    I know that the plugin saves. but not in _1024_Perspective.qtz

    any help?



  11. Hi! I have a really stupid question. I´ve installed Quartz Composer, i run the patch and do the needed distortion, but when i loaded it in q-lab as render engine it dont plays my video cue, instead i see the keystone grid whithout distortion nor posibbility to disort it!
    Thanks for any help!!!!

  12. is there a 10.5 version, for QC 3.x?

  13. Will there be a version that has anti-aliased edges at any point?

    Keep it up!

  14. Hi! I used 1024_perspective for a long time in a Mac book pro with Snow leopard installed, and it was a very good time! Now i´ve changed to a graet mac book pro but with OSX Lion, and i can not find the handels!! and if i try it manully in the parameters i appears “NA”?!?!? Any idea what is happening!? Thanks

    • Francois Wunschel Says:

      the AAPL built-in interaction patch is bugged under Lion.
      The perspective patch is still working correctly tho’

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  16. sorry but I could not find the box?

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