_1024_NETWORK send/receive QuartzComposer Plugin

For some upcoming installation i’ll need a complete inter-app data procedure.
OSC would mean data re-formatting, no thanks.
Apple’s built-in Network Broadcaster lets you send only strings.

So I made this little plugin thats sends QCstructures directly through the local network,using Bonjour/ZeroConf – meaning no hassle for anyone – .
It is based on ThoMoNetwork framework, which is great, because it will probably allow me to run it on iPad as well.
What’s nice about QCstructure is that they can contain almost everything QC:
boolean, index, string, color, number and image.

Yes, you can send images with this plugin.
However big fat greasy images can harm your computer, or your network, as they would be sent uncompressed.
Be warned. Use this plugin at your own risk.

Tested between a MBP running 10.6.4 and a MBP running 10.5.8.
Download from the box. Expect a few bugs. Enjoy.

30 Responses to “_1024_NETWORK send/receive QuartzComposer Plugin”

  1. You think i could use this to trigger videos , examp. I have to trigger 4 videos at the same time, i thought using quartz to do this. Will i be able to use this to do just that. My setup is 4 projector 2 mac minis and 2 macbookpros. All running 1 video over quartz. Thanks for your time.


  2. Hell yeah, 1024 network and syphon together. ;) video over network. from comp1 running modul8 to the comp2 running vdmx. tnx.

  3. Hi Emer,

    can you tell me how you managed to stream video from one comp to another?

    i’m trying to figure out how to do that..

    best regards,

  4. Do this plugin buffer images (and data) when the structure is not changing, ie. not keep broadcasting the same blobs just sending a reference to the previously sent blobs? If so does it buffer on the receive end so synochously, so it always gets a blob first to reference later?

    Thanks Franz,

    Alastair I Leith
    Useful Deisgn

    • Francois Wunschel Says:

      it sends only when input changes.
      It is a quick and dirty plugin not meant for fast-peformance
      (but it rather saved my life once or twice…)

      • wideeyedpupil Says:

        Thanks Franz,
        I didn’t get a notification of your reply – sorry I missed it. Is this 10.5 happy? I can’t get it to load in QC3.

        The performance matters are fine for me since once a second is more than enough, my structure doesn’t change very much and isn’t so large but may have 20 images inside it amongst other data. Was just curious as to how it manages all the data sending when nothing is changing…

      • Francois Wunschel Says:

        when nothing is changing, the patch is not sending.
        The plugin is compiled 32/64 universal, should work on PPC/10.5

  5. How does one download this plugin?! I can’t find it in 1024’s Box!

  6. Doesn’t seem to be 10.5.8 compatible, at least on PPC. Get Info on plugin says it’s universal, though.

  7. What would be a limit for sending images? can you send video as well? I am just trying to figure out the limits before I accidentally send something too “greasy”.

    • Francois Wunschel Says:

      i can send 128*128 pixels images without problem. It is not good for video tho’.
      It’s main purpose is to send whole QCstructures around, focusing on data.
      Typically a 100 member structure of numbers.

  8. Salut franz

    J’aimerai utiliser ce plugin-in pour une composition toute simple :
    récupérer le tempo d’ableton live d’un autre ordinateur .
    J’imagine que je doit avoir sur l’ordinateur utilisant ableton, un fichier qc récupérant le tempo via le ‘midi clock receiver’ sur lequel se trouve le patch network sender, et sur mon ordinateur un fichier qc avec le network receiver.
    Cependant, je n’arrive pas à comprendre comment la liaison se fait entre les deux . Pourrais-tu m’éclairer ?

    • Francois Wunschel Says:

      c exactement ca. les deux se connectent automatiquement par bonjour, essaye de lancer d’abord le receiver, puis le sender, bien sir il faut que les deux ordinateurs soient sur le meme reseau.

  9. Oliviano Says:

    damien, francois,
    avez vous regarder au Network midi fournit par os x ? c’est complique d’expliquer en français.
    Open, Audio Midi Setup in Utility folder. (inside application folder)
    And set-up a midi network session, then in alberton, use that as a midi output device, send it whatever midi you want, and do the sam e on the other end expect you now use the Network midi as an input…

    works greats, stable, easy, reliable….

    almost my favorite way to transmit across networks.

    • Francois Wunschel Says:

      le network midi fonctionne bien,
      mais en midi tu ne peux pas envoyer de string, qcstructures, color …
      et la resolution du midi est de 7bits …
      dans certains cas c’est un peu just.

      Pour Live, il y a une fonction il me semble qui permet de synchroniser deux machines avec le meme tempo…

  10. Oliviano Says:

    Damien, François
    Excuse my french is quite poor for tech talking,

    I’d say why don’t you give Network midi a try, so easy to set-up and manage.
    surely depends what u need to use the data for at the other end… if not a midi receiving app then yes, _1024_NETWORK 1.02 will be useful.

  11. Bon apres avoir téléchargé les deux patchs je suis complètement perdu. Je souhaite les utiliser pour envoyer mon flux vidéo depuis résolume (macbook pro) vers madmapper(mac mini).

    Quelqu’un peut-il m’aider ? J’ai une soirée dans 18 heures et un miracle serait le bienvenu.

    Merci d’avance.


    • Francois Wunschel Says:

      il te faut telecharger le freeframe Syphon pour resolume, l’installer, l’appliquer (syphon server) en bout de ton FX chain sur resolume, et tu pourra recuperer la video dans madmapper.
      le patch _1024_Network n’a rien a voir avec MadMapper

      • Salut. Merci pour ta réponse. Ta solution est correcte si je veux utiliser resolume et madmapper sur le meme mac. Mais je voudrais les utiliser sur deux macs et faire passer la vidéo via un routeur.

      • Francois Wunschel Says:

        alors il te faut une carte d’acquisition. le network plugin sera trop lent pour de la video full resol. en temps reel.

  12. Ok. N’empêche j’ai envie de comprendre maintenant :-D

  13. First, thanks a lot for the plug-in. It works great.

    Can I use this plugin to send video in both way? I’m trying to make two iMacs display video from the other, using built-in camera. But it seems if I have two senders in same network, my video keeps flickering.

    • Francois Wunschel Says:

      there’s no way you can send video in realtime with this plugin, simply because the video would be sent uncompressed …

      • Thanks for the replay Francois.
        Do you know if there’s other way I can do this? I don’t really need video with good quality. 50*40px @10fps would be enough.

      • BTW, it’s a installation I’m working on. The idea is to display image from another place so it feels like paradox dimension.

      • Francois Wunschel Says:

        why don’t you use regular network camera ? (cctv)

      • …because there’re other projects being showed at the same time, using same macs. and I don’t know about cctv…thanks again for letting me know

  14. Hey Franz, I really enjoy this plugin, just downloaded it yesterday. I kinda try to stay away from using other people’s plugins in the case I have to modify something and have no code access, and tend to also endure (the sometimes) inconvenience of setup with stock patches. However, this one is so user friendly, it’s just great. BTW – I’m not 100% sure, but it may be possible to pass atypical QC data as an index of a QC structure in QCPlugin. So, that data is stuffed in a structure that is maybe just a count of 1. (in context of the image compression)

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