_1024_Synth / openFrameworks-based QC plugin ?

I recently reconsidered using OpenFrameworks for live visuals/installations.
So i had a quick go at vade’s ofxQCPlugin addon for OF, that allows to bundle an OF app into a QC plugin.
It just turned out to work “almost” out of the box (thanks to my prior attempt at compiling it, a few months ago).

Here’s the plugin, which is just a copy paste of OF’s audio output example.
It will produce a synth sound according to your mouse coordinates.
It is unfortunately compiled in debug mode, for 32 bit only, 10.5 – 10.6

The baaad point is the plugin’ filesize (a nice 18mb unzipped), due to the whole OF being present inside the plug.
Enable / Disable won’t work properly, so this plug still has the “highly experimental not properly working” status.
Despite these quirks, i still find it kewl to be able to synth sounds from within the QC environment.

To test it (at your own risks ), download from the box !

One Response to “_1024_Synth / openFrameworks-based QC plugin ?”

  1. casey Scalf Says:

    This is just great!

    If there is a way, how can I go about altering the frequencies, base sound, and such?


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