_1024_Selector QCPlugin

Obviously I got tired of using these buggy javascript patches all around just to set some indices.
Here’s _1024_Selector, that will output an index according to the pressed input.
Pretty lame on the surface, but I just happen to use this everywhere.
DL from the box

4 Responses to “_1024_Selector QCPlugin”

  1. You’ll be my hero forever if you make a version that allows you to set the total number of inputs (like a math patch) this totally rocks and solves a lot of slightly buggy issues I’ve been having – THANKS!

    • Francois Wunschel Says:

      actually I didn’t find any example to do this… I know I had one around, but I can’t remember its name …

  2. JD, can’t you just add “i” copies of this patch to get more indices? Put a math patch on the end of each to add (10 x i) to the output, and add all the index outputs together?

  3. Don’t forget the Kineme Freeboard patch… outputs current key as string type, very handy but doesn’t play well with stock Keyboard modifier keys, Keyboard Patch is slightly buggy according to cwright@apple but not easy to fix — and if he says so I believe him!

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