_1024_ParticleWarfare 1.2.1

A tiny update to ParticleWarfare plugin.
Corrected blending problem,
added Line/Point Smooth option,
and a few minor tweaks.
Download from the box.

Use of this plug is ok for any artistic performance/project (paid, no problem) but is not permitted to use in a commercial product (as all _1024_Plugins)

8 Responses to “_1024_ParticleWarfare 1.2.1”

  1. nah downloade denk

  2. where do I download it from?

  3. poison ivy Says:

    I dont understand, i don’t see where do u click to download it?
    sorry and thanks

  4. hey Francois. Can post URL of that link, because
    I can’t find it. On the bottom of this blog I can see only
    page footer:

    Blog at WordPress.com. Theme: Customized Black-LetterHead by Ulysses Ronquillo.

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