More Kinect phun

Some more K-fun today.
I’ll probably be using this for the BoomBox in April.
Currently rendering lines between each 3d point, add some simplex noise and a glow post-fx.

14 Responses to “More Kinect phun”

  1. Hi

    just one question:
    what plug in do u use for kinect in quartzcomposer?KinectTools from Kinem?

    I tried the kinect tools and i cannot get the 3d points. there is only the ouput from the Depth Image, camera Image, and info about the acelaramoters.

    Thanks ;)

  2. Francois Wunschel Says:

    use KnM Kinect and plug the depth image into _1024_KinectPrimitive

  3. Hi,
    I tried to KnM Kinect’s Depth Image plug into KinectpremitivePoints.
    And I got errors below.

    02:17:09.077 [“Macro Patch” @ “(null)”] > Execution failed at time 5394.589
    02:17:09.093 [“_1024_KinectPrimitivePoints” @ “Macro Patch”] > OpenGL error 0501
    02:17:09.093 [“_1024_KinectPrimitivePoints” @ “Macro Patch”] > Execution failed at time 5394.606

    I have no idea about that error.
    could someone tell me why that errors happen.


  4. hey, I was wondering, how did you draw all those lines from the 3d points? I’m a total n00b on QC, and I just don’t get how to use the XYZ from your 1024_KinectPrimitive as a parameter to another library. Sorry for the stupid question.

  5. Hi Francois, I used your Kinect plug in for a dance performance.
    For a moment where the dancer is dancing with her silluete.
    The result was nice.
    check it here, (around 3.50)

  6. cool, instatnt wallpaper

  7. Hi, I’m working on interactive visuals for a nightclub and i’m new to QC so i’ve basically been gowing through your plugins one by one for the last 10 days …. incredible stuff, thanks loads !!! but about that Kinect Primitives i have the same problem as Adityo here: i’d like to get the XYZ structure from the plugin to keep fooling around, instead of just rendering them as they are … how can i do this? thanks again, keep up the great work

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