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QC 3D Perspective matching

Posted in experimental, quartz composer, video mapping with tags , , on September 7, 2010 by Francois Wunschel

Still not perfect, due to lens deformation.
But hey, it is now working with realtime lighting, all through our warping module. ! Yeepee !
All from QC, and a bunch of custom plugins ( but the reader would have guessed that ).

And the building about to explode ….

Tetra.Tennis 0.30

Posted in quartz composer, software, Tennis Masters, video mapping with tags , , , on November 1, 2009 by Francois Wunschel

I’ve been working today on the new Tetra.Tennis UI.
Currently using BGHudAppKit.framework – as pointed by Vade, thanks mate !-,
for a uber-friendly HUDstyle interface.
The software is still in dev. , but allows so far to control video and strobes,
all via manual controls or MIDI sync.
The strobes will finally also be controlled by Fred Viktor’s drum kit, live of course.


BNP Paribas Tennis Masters

Posted in event / project, Tennis Masters, video mapping with tags , , , , on October 27, 2009 by Francois Wunschel

The Paris Tennis Masters will last from 8 to 15 november, in Bercy.
This year 1024 will once more project on the tennis ground.
We hope to see you there, you tennis freaks !
Meanwhile, here’s a photo of the ground going 3D…

Once more, the audio part will be run by superhero MS Fred Viktor.
Oh, and i almost forgot to say that this time we’ll be using an array of 28 Atomic Stroboscopes.
You better bring you shades.


Pascual Di Sonoris #4

Posted in exhibition, Pascual Di Sonoris, video mapping with tags , , on September 25, 2009 by Francois Wunschel

Yesterday was the opening vernissage of the “Corps Sonore” exhibition,
at EPFL Lausanne (CH).
This is Pascual, with two of his multiple skins.
disonorisLausanne EPFL

Pascual Di Sonoris #2

Posted in exhibition, Pascual Di Sonoris, video mapping with tags , , , on September 14, 2009 by Francois Wunschel

Today i just finished polishing the silicon body with talc.
So that’s a good opportunity to test the warping engine directly on the sculpture.
Images are shot using an SLR with a 1.4 sigma lens.
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