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3D Bridge / final report

Posted in Nuit Blanche 2010, video mapping with tags , , on March 19, 2011 by Francois Wunschel

This is the final report of 3D Bridge installation.

Make the line dance

Posted in experimental with tags , , , on March 9, 2011 by Francois Wunschel

Yet another experimentation with a Kinect unit, Skeleton recognition and video mapping.
The system is working so far, but there’s an annoying one frame delay that forces to move slowly. Video in the making.

TETRA.TENNIS v3.0 / video report

Posted in MadMapper, Tennis Masters, video mapping with tags , , , on January 25, 2011 by Francois Wunschel

A Quick video report of Tetra.Tennis show, our third consecutive video mapping at the French Tennis Masters series.
Running through a QC custom app, as usual, controlling the visuals, the stroboscopes AND the sound this year, triggering sound fx, always in sync’.
The video mapping side is powered by MadMapper.

And the Tetra.Tennis app, in its latest version:

Perspective Lyrique, the video

Posted in Perspective Lyrique, video mapping with tags , , , , , on January 17, 2011 by Francois Wunschel

Here’s the official video report of our interactive video mapping in Lyon.
Running via a custom QCapp + custom plugins, connected to Ableton Live for audio playback and realtime analysis.
Projected using 4x Christies R20k beamers.

_1024_GL_BezierSurface QCplugin

Posted in QC plugins, quartz composer with tags , , , , , , on December 17, 2010 by Francois Wunschel

Xmas time comes this year with a nasty storm of QCplugins, here’s is _1024_GL_BezierSurface, a 4×4 control points smooth surface, that should allow any visualist to project onto curved surfaces, such a cyclos. The plug definitely needs some more polishing, but should do the job anyway.

The texture is currently rotated and flipped, so adding an Image Texturing Properties patch to your input image will trick the plugin. If you’re annoyed by the nasty aliasing at the edges, I would recommend compositing a 1pixel black border to the input image. Still looking for an elegant solution.

EDIT: just added a 1.02 version that fixes a nasty bug, and also adds a SoftRec CIkernel for sweet anti-aliased borders, as pointed by GT in the comments. Sorry to all early downloaders.

10.5/10.6, sample file included, download from the box.
Merry Xmas !

_1024_UnPerspective QCplugin

Posted in QC plugins, quartz composer with tags , , , on December 17, 2010 by Francois Wunschel

A dirty plugin to convert a parallelogram back to a square.
Needs some polishing, but strengthen my projection-mapping oriented plugin arsenal.

10.5/10.6 but the included example is 10.6 only, due to the interaction patch.
Download from the box

Perspective Lyrique / on location tests

Posted in MadMapper, Perspective Lyrique, video mapping with tags , , on December 7, 2010 by Francois Wunschel

we just spent all night tinkering our projection, trying to match the actual architecture as close as possible. Thanks to MadMapper, the task was rather easy, although we found a few really annoying UI bugs. Due to some modelling inaccuracies, I had to split the projection in 3 parts, each perspective corrected. Nevertheless, we ended up being roughly satisfied (but ya know the tune… I can’t get no …).
Then we took a few photos on location. And as usual with video mapping, the parts you design the quickest are the best…

Here’s the building relighted in 3d (Ambient Occlusion + Soft Shadows + Toon shader):

And the headshot, fully voice-activated (AO + SS + 8 morph targets depending on the tone of the voice):

And the MadMapper setup:

Tomorrow, I’ll try another Madmapper technique, using either grid warped (but still perspective corrected) or maybe camera pose estimation (with an openGL matrix output-to-file feature, then back in QC).

Abies Electronicus #3

Posted in Abies electronicus, video mapping with tags , , , on December 4, 2010 by Francois Wunschel

The final video report is out:

Perspective Lyrique / Headbuilding

Posted in event / project, experimental, Perspective Lyrique with tags , , , on December 1, 2010 by Francois Wunschel

And finally the headmap applied on the 3d model, morphing-ready. The audience will be able to sing a few phonemes in realtime, and also a few expressions, like fear, smile or anger. I’m eager to see the end result projected on the building, as there’s a chance it might look like crap. Pertinent video mapping is always difficult to achieve.

Abies Electronicus #2

Posted in Abies electronicus, event / project with tags , on November 28, 2010 by Francois Wunschel

Under the snow, a nightly photo session. Image courtesy of Simon Deprez, the surfer-photographer.
3x Christies LX1500 (only 45000 lumen in total ,(), and all lights controlled by one single patch, aka _1024_LightController: fiddles an array of 14 RGB LED projectors, and 200 flashbulbs.