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Paris Tennis Masters 2010

Posted in Tennis Masters with tags , on November 7, 2010 by Francois Wunschel

Today was the sunday start of the French Tennis Masters, in Paris,
We did some new footage to project on the tennis ground, just before the players start the match. Here are two snapshots. Projected using MadMapper and a custom QC software.

BNP Paribas Tennis Masters

Posted in event / project, Tennis Masters, video mapping with tags , , , , on October 27, 2009 by Francois Wunschel

The Paris Tennis Masters will last from 8 to 15 november, in Bercy.
This year 1024 will once more project on the tennis ground.
We hope to see you there, you tennis freaks !
Meanwhile, here’s a photo of the ground going 3D…

Once more, the audio part will be run by superhero MS Fred Viktor.
Oh, and i almost forgot to say that this time we’ll be using an array of 28 Atomic Stroboscopes.
You better bring you shades.

BNP3 0.22

Posted in software, Tennis Masters, video mapping with tags on September 14, 2009 by Francois Wunschel is in in-house software used to drive the BNP Paribas Tennis Masters 2008 show.

It can be synched by Midi trough Ableton Live, and allows to video-map the tennis ground.

It features quad-warped dual output, live audio-reactive graphics, video replay , realtime effects and dynamic naming system for the players’ entry in the game.