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Resolume to MadMapper connexion tutorial

Posted in MadMapper with tags , , on June 9, 2011 by Francois Wunschel

This tutorial will teach you how to connect Resolume Avenue to MadMapper.
First, you’ll need the Syphon FreeFrameGL plugin,
that will allow you to share video frames between Resolume Avenue and MadMapper.

If you don’t have it yet, go to Syphon site and download the plugin.
Direct download link is SyphonFreeframeGL plugin

Then copy the plugins (syphon Client and Syphon Server bundle) into your /Resolume Avenue/plugins/vfx folder
which should be located in your Applications folder.

Launch Resolume Avenue and load up some media files.

Go to the Effects section of Resolume and select the Syphon Server effect

Drag the effect on the Composition Effects section of Resolume,
under the Video Effects.
Eventually rename the Syphon server to something like “Resolume to MadMapper”
This will automatically publish the Resolume output.

Launch MadMapper and go in the Media tab.
You should see the “Resolume to MadMapper” listed under the Syphon section of MadMapper.
Double click it, and Resloume’s output will automatically appear in the Input view of MadMapper

Now it is time to make some primitives in MadMapper.
Click the Surface tab and click the Triangle icon.
This will create a Triangle in the output, letting you select which part of the Resolume input you want
to display on your newly created Triangle.

Eventually, repeat the procedure to make more triangles, or press Command+D to duplicate to currently
selected triangle.

Once your mapping setup is finished, minimize MadMapper and go back to Resolume
to start playing live.
Yes, live video-mapping !