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_1024_WanderLust_Line QCPlugin

Posted in event / project, QC plugins with tags , , on May 31, 2012 by Francois Wunschel

Next tuesday we’re doing some laser work + videomapping for the grand opening of WanderLust, a fresh nightclub/bar/restaurant in Paris.
So I needed a fast plugin to quickly visualize an Audio Frequency Structure coming from Kineme Audio Tools
and thought I could share. Uses VertexArrays internally.
You’ll need KnM Audio Tools for the bundled example to run properly.
10.5+, UB, DL from the box.

_1024_GL_CubicCurve 1.1

Posted in QC plugins, quartz composer with tags , , on May 1, 2012 by Francois Wunschel

Just added:
– Subdivisions
– Texture_Coords
– Image_Input
– Alpha_Blending

DL from the box.

Particle Overdose

Posted in crisis, experimental with tags , , , on April 25, 2012 by Francois Wunschel

It just seems that I’ll never be finished with particles.
It’s been at least my tenth plugin/attempt at coding some fancy particles for QC. Experimenting with forces, flocking, sin/cos/tan functions, perlin noise vs simplex noise, trails, damping, gravitation, kinect controls, audio reactivity …
Here are some snapshots of my latest iteration, intended to be used in our new show in-the-making, “CRISIS”.
These particles are controlled by sensors and Ableton Live…
Hopefully we’ll be able to present a short show teaser at the Mapping Festival, on May 12th.

_1024_VectorField QCPlugin

Posted in QC plugins, quartz composer with tags , , on March 21, 2012 by Francois Wunschel

Nah, not finished/polished, but worth a quick try.
Samples an image and draws primitive lines according to RGB data.
A few controls and some randomness allow a few nice effects.
Hoping to find the time to push it a bit further…

10.5/10.6, sample file included.
DL from the box (sort the box by date to have it on top of the list)

_1024_QuaternionToGLMatrix QCPlugin

Posted in QC plugins, quartz composer with tags , on February 11, 2012 by Francois Wunschel

Converts a Quaternion into an OpenGL Matrix.
For use with Kineme GLTools.
Download from the box, sample file included.

Note that you cannot interpolate quaternions directly,
it requires the use of a SLERP function
(Spherical Interpolation, which obviously I haven’t yet incorporated into a QC patch).

_1024_CameraCorrection QCplugin

Posted in QC plugins, quartz composer with tags , on January 3, 2012 by Francois Wunschel

Quartz Composer plugin to correct the perspective of a camera.
Allows to look up or down and then correct the verticals of the openGL scene to make them appear straight and parallel to the screen.
This mimics the camera correction module from 3dsMax.



Make the line dance

Posted in experimental with tags , , , on March 9, 2011 by Francois Wunschel

Yet another experimentation with a Kinect unit, Skeleton recognition and video mapping.
The system is working so far, but there’s an annoying one frame delay that forces to move slowly. Video in the making.

QC Recursion

Posted in experimental, quartz composer with tags , , on March 7, 2011 by Francois Wunschel

My inability to make iterator-friendly code just got me angry, so I started off with a fresh plugin project. Objective C recursive methods… and finally I got it working within an iterator context.
The recipe ? Just make everything obj-c. Pff, much a do about nothing. Thx Vade for pointing me in the right direction.

Ebola Pixel

Posted in euphorie, experimental with tags , , on March 4, 2011 by Francois Wunschel

Audio-reactive computer virus…

_1024_MetaBalls QCPlugin

Posted in QC plugins, quartz composer with tags , , , on February 25, 2011 by Francois Wunschel

Meatballs Metaballs, yeah, how original.
These ones come with hair, so I’d rather call them Big Fat Hairy Balls, on the CPU.

Uses the marching cube method, from sources taken here and there on the net.
(big up to Andreas Jonsson, Matthew Ward, Jeff Lander, Paul Bourke and Paul Baker for their great references.)
The plugin is still highly un-optimised, using direct GLcalls for hair instead of vertex arrays. So there’s plenty of room for enhancement.

Sample files in the download archive  (including a pretty cool audio reactive comp.)