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Ebola Pixel

Posted in euphorie, experimental with tags , , on March 4, 2011 by Francois Wunschel

Audio-reactive computer virus…

_1024_MetaBalls QCPlugin

Posted in QC plugins, quartz composer with tags , , , on February 25, 2011 by Francois Wunschel

Meatballs Metaballs, yeah, how original.
These ones come with hair, so I’d rather call them Big Fat Hairy Balls, on the CPU.

Uses the marching cube method, from sources taken here and there on the net.
(big up to Andreas Jonsson, Matthew Ward, Jeff Lander, Paul Bourke and Paul Baker for their great references.)
The plugin is still highly un-optimised, using direct GLcalls for hair instead of vertex arrays. So there’s plenty of room for enhancement.

Sample files in the download archive  (including a pretty cool audio reactive comp.)


Posted in experimental with tags , , on February 24, 2011 by Francois Wunschel

I found an interesting article about marching cubes and tryied to port it to a QCplug.
So… yet another sluggish metaballs.
The calculation is done on the CPU, hence a speed ok at low resolution, but quite troubled at higher rez. / polycount.
Still, the effect is quite nice and blobby. Nothing new here, but a nice opportunity to learn how to make polygons from a cube_grid.

and more interesting: Hairy Balls…