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Back from Mapping Festival

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Some members of the workshop team @Mapping Fest in Geneva.
Shades were mandatory.



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2013. Subvert. Resist.
Happy whatever.


House Cleaning

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I guess it’s about time to do some house cleaning … or buy a new computer, as my /Desktop folder is 43.44GB. Sigh.
Notice the slight evolution from 2 years ago.

For those still wondering if it’s practical, Tinker Tool adds a “quit” option to the finder. Instant magical clean, for the lazy.

We are hiring #programmingjob

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1024 architecture / Garagecube – Engine Software Programmer

Engine programmer, advanced level.

Job description

Develop and maintain a multiplatform engine that will be the basis for realtime multimedia applications, including different frameworks. Full time position, based in Paris where you will work with part of the creative development team. You will also need to work with the offsite members of the team located in Switzerland and other locations worldwide.


Language skills:
C / C++ / Objective-C / Python / Lua

– Prior experience with OpenGL and good knowledge of GLSL
– Minimum 5 year experience in realtime graphics programing in multimedia and/or video games
– Programing will be in OSX Xcode and Windows Visual C++ environments
– Optimisation and debugging will be needed
– Experience in software engine architecture required

Needs to be fluent in English

You will need to be motivated, autonomous, creative and possess good communcations skills.

Bonus skills

– Fluent in French
– Experience in user interface programing (GUI)
– Experience in Cinder, OpenCV, Quartz Composer frameworks.
– Experience in video playback, API Quicktime, FFmpeg
– Knowledge in network protocols and php languages

A solid interest in art is also welcome.

Documents needed for application

– CV, resume
– References
– Production illustrations
– Website address or link
– Cover letter

Please send your application to codingjob [at ] 1024architecture [dot] net


1024 architecture Sarl is a Paris, France based creative studio producing artistic installations.
GarageCUBE SA develops multimedia software for visual artists, known for its flagship software for live video mixing called Modul8. GarageCUBE is based in Geneva, Switzerland.

The two compaines developed MadMapper, a software for videomapping.
The new project will be in the same mindset as MadMapper.

Les Grandes Tables de l’Ile Seguin

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So the restaurant is finally open.
Yes, we also do “proper” architecture at 1024. Not just the virtual thing. The real, tangible, physical space.
Food is 100% organic, veg, cooked by star chief Arnaud Daguin.
The official opening is this coming friday, from 5PM, featuring a happy mix by our friend Etienne De Crecy.
And it is soooo refreshing to have the liberty to surf from virtual to physical, from art installations to architecture, from software to hardware.We love this job !
Next serie of photos will be… night shots. But we still got a few problems with the LED lighting, that should be resolved pretty soon.

All Photos here by Cyril Sancereau

Grrrrreat minds wear alike … ?

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It is always fun to find out in the middle of a skype meeting that you’re wearing the same TShirt as your friend…

A restaurant in Ile Seguin

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Food… for thoughts.
We’re building a restaurant in the Ile Seguin in Paris.
Opening soon.

Euphoria goes to Mumbai…

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We’re leaving tomorrow to play Euphoria in Mumbai, at TechFest, the annual meeting of the MIT (Mumbai Institute of Technology ! ;.).
We’re playing this saturday, so if anybody’s around, come by….

Staging Space book

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We’re happy to be part of the Staging Space book,
published by Gestalten Verlag.
You can order it here: