MAD_Line Evolution

Tonight, Pier will be testing the new MAD_Line in Tours.


10 Responses to “MAD_Line Evolution”

  1. Where can we get a download on this! :)

  2. Any update for a public release? D:

  3. […] MadMappers, Pier from 1024 Architecture ¬†played with ¬†next MAD_LINE which be unveiled at the next Mapping […]

  4. Is there any news on the Madline 2 app ?

    • Francois Wunschel Says:

      it is in the works…
      FYI, meanwhile, Lines will come back in MadMapper 1.7. Beta anytime soon

      • I completely forgot to mention (grovel) that I had a class of six 11 year old students running with madline just two days ago on six individual mapping designs they created themselves.

        They loved madline & madmapper!

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