MadMapper Touch

Playing around with the latest beta version of MadMapper, feature zero-config OSC protocol.


9 Responses to “MadMapper Touch”

  1. Oh man. I can’t wait even to just be able to flip through my presets…

  2. hi i just downloadet 1.6 beta, i cannot find the osc funktion, how / were did u find de option?
    cheers felix

  3. Leon Berenschot Says:

    Where is it!!!
    o wait, internal beta? :P

    • Leon Berenschot Says:

      i meant, on the yourspace page version MadMapper_1.6.0.2735_BETA (20 nov) doesn’t have this featureā€¦.

  4. leonardo henrique Says:

    Where can I download this version with the OSC protocol?

  5. when will the final version release for download?

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