LED facade in Sao Paulo

Back from SP where we designed an interactive (audio-contrlled) LED show for the FIESP facade,
during the FILE festival.



3 Responses to “LED facade in Sao Paulo”

  1. Well, the area of LED usage is going vast day by day and yes it is used in decoration lighting from a very long time. Your stage decoration with LED lights is also looking fantastic.

  2. LED’s have no filaments so can withstand a greater intensity of vibration and shock than standard lights making them durable with less risk of breaking and need to replace.

  3. Arteso is the global Architectural Outdoor LED Decorative Lighting provider who manufactures Architectural Outdoor
    Lighting, Handmade LED Decorative Lights, indoor luminaires, LED Design support, LED Decorative Lamps in Chennai, Outdoor LED Lighting in Chennai.

    Thanks ,

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