CRISIS in RJ @VideoAtaq

Since we were in Brazil, we took the opportunity to call our friends from VideoAtaq,
and they organized a performance night in Rio de Janeiro where we played “Crisis”, but this time in portuguese language…
It was an amazing moment, especially when the scaffolding structure (with all our equipment, gear, computers) collapsed at the end of the show. Luckily it looked as if it was done on purpose !
Thanks to Jodele,Dado, Isis and the others !!!

Kaboom !

frZ playing the light-emitting guitar tie like a proper banker-wanker:
CRISE-RJ-VideoAtaq frz

3 Responses to “CRISIS in RJ @VideoAtaq”


    See you soon my friends. Keep up the amazing-awesome-incredible work.


  2. wohooo ! collapsing down the babylonnn !

  3. i lost! :(

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