MAD_Orb setup

A breakdown of our setup for the MAD_Orb installation.
On the pictures, Zedd, main performer of the event, held by Vice Magazine.
See more photos of the hardware on MadMapper’ blog


our QC-app to generate the realtime content:

Our simulator, to be able to work at the office without the actual construction.
This replaces a WYSIWYG setup which proved to be overly complicated, especially under our time constraints. The Orb was modelled and uvw textured in 3dsmax, then rendered in realtime using a syphon texture:

The MadMapper / MAD_Light setup, sending 24 artnet universes:

photos of the party by:Bryan Derballa and Andrew White
more photos on the VICE website

7 Responses to “MAD_Orb setup”

  1. zedd posted about the orb ! really interesting idea, found this page via the QC plugins, madmapper etc. Cool idea, but please explain how your guys work with the Playstation3 controller, how do u map the controller to QC. just using OSC (via osculator)? questions questions question haha

  2. 24 universes – what box do you use for that, if I may inquire?

  3. It would be nice if you shared in more detail how such a structure assembled

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