VTLZR @Zenith Paris

Wow, just wow.
We had an amazing show this week end at the Paris Zenith – the show was sold out –
Here are some pictures, which unfortunately do not properly render the mood of the show, as the lights were moving amazingly fast, in sync to the music.
Since we were playing “at home”, we had the opportunity to add a few fixtures to the setup, namely 20 Martin Viper, 20 more Shaprys (60 in total) and a grand total of 32 Atomic Strobs, all remotely controlled by Vitalic’s computer – on stage – from Ableton Live.

It was the perfect show according to our standards, everything went fine, despite 2 computer reboot during the show – thanks to the super tech team nobody noticed – and some heavy hum coming from the Midi cable … grrrr

Next show is in Cran-Montana, Swiss.


And the last one, which looks like a proof that 1024 is actually bending the light … ;) Space Warp anyone ?

12 Responses to “VTLZR @Zenith Paris”

  1. I hate you!


  2. le box2D sur le mur de led en synchro sur la bass était énorme

  3. Incroyable, je veux voir la lumière qui fais des zig Zag !!!

  4. elecshadow Says:

    Oh boy!!!!

  5. wow indeed , looks amazing !

  6. Luckly, I’ve been able to get a free ticket for the last three days of the crans montana’s festival, are you guys doing the light setup for all the festival? Or you work with a performer in particular? I’d love to be able to see it.

  7. Superolav Says:

    Great work :)

  8. ver jogoa aqui

  9. fantastic show of flash lights

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