Kinect Print

Our young padawan Alban just brought a 3d printer at the office.
So we scanned my head with a Kinect, tweaked the resulting model to reduce the polycount, and printed it (on a reduced scale).
Next step is to test some mapping on it.

Scanning time: 10seconds
Printing time: 7hours


9 Responses to “Kinect Print”

  1. bernardo amorim Says:

    wonderfull. sculpture mapping! try working with MARI from foundry

    • Francois Wunschel Says:

      is it good ? are you using it ?
      I used to use Deep Paint – a long time ago –

      • bernardo amorim Says:

        its the best for 3d painting. its from foundry. now you can actually paint this on max…

      • Francois Wunschel Says:

        Max rulez my friend ! However, the re-meshing was done in Rhino, b/c it has a nice drape function (and I haven’t seen an equivalent in Max)

      • bernardo amorim Says:

        ncloth? franz. it works ok. at least for wht I need.
        but hey they are just tools! I can’t wait to see the results!!

  2. meshmixer ( autodesk just buy it ) it great for remeshing and treatment of point cloud data , free for moment . What appli for scan ?

  3. something like this?
    well, this is not my 3d-printed head, but the first mapping demo we made a year ago with madmapper:

    go on with your cool work:)

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