MadMApper 1.3 + 1.4 beta released !

MadMapper now allows to drive DMX fixtures from pixel data, along with your mapping.
Version 1.4 (beta for registered users) also features a native QC renderer !!!

check it out at

And the mandatory promotional video:

9 Responses to “MadMApper 1.3 + 1.4 beta released !”

  1. I am very happy with the new feature Madlight. Finally, an alternative way to illuminate the space for us lighting designer.
    I would like to ask how do I link to stripled ENTTEC Open DMX Ethernet. From the movie I saw that you use a card dmx 512 decode led.Un tutorial and it would not hurt if you do not ask for much, which decode card use? E ‘your intention to activate the workshops and in Italy? thanks

    Sono molto contento della nuova funzione di Madlight. Finalmente un modo alternativo di illuminare spazi per noi lighting designer.
    Vorrei chiedervi come faccio a collegare gli stripled alla ENTTEC Open DMX Ethernet . Dal filmato ho visto che usate una scheda dmx 512 decode led.Un tutorial non sarebbe male e se non chiedo molto, quale scheda decode usate ?E’ vostra intenzione attivare dei workshop e in italia? Grazie

    • Francois Wunschel Says:

      tutorials are coming.
      MadMapper is sending Artnet signals, so any Artnet->DMX card will do.
      Just plug your Enttec ODE to MadMapper and you’re good to go (on just one DMX universe tho’)

      • Thank you, I have a enttec dmx usb pro or do I have to buy Open DMX Ethernet? Guess an Ethernet connection gives less latency issues that usb.quindi if I understand correctly, for example, I have 10 led strips and purchase a decode that 10 access and connect the LED strip. Connect the entrance to the exit dmx dmx usb pro enttec and from there the mac with usb. I hope you understand the procedure.

        Grazie, io ho un enttec dmx usb pro o devo acquistare Open DMX Ethernet ?Immagino che un collegamento Ethernet dia meno problemi di latenza che la usb.quindi se ho ben capito, ad esempio, io ho 10 strip led e acquisto un decode che ha 10 accessi e collego gli strip led. DAll’uscita dmx collego l’entrata del enttec dmx usb pro e da li il mac con usb .Spero di aver capito il procedimento.

      • Francois Wunschel Says:

        so far it only works with Artnet-> DMX cards, such as Enttec OpenDMX (ODE ?).
        In the next beta (or so) we should support the DMX Usb Pro – just not yet –
        Latency will be identical.

  2. what dmx card are u using to attach the leds on ?
    i found a few 8 or 24channels controller, is it possible to light just a part of the strip or is it an on/off of the all strip ?

  3. Francois Wunschel Says:

    these strips are single adress.
    some other products can be lit per segment.

  4. Yeahh, i managed to make it work with addressable single leds. !!
    D’ailleurs cool de t’avoir vue a notre dernière soirée au Zenith ^^ Elsass reprezent.
    Je t’enverai quelques images de l’avancement des leds

    • Francois Wunschel Says:

      cool, envoie des images !
      et power pour la nouvelle année, Elsass en force.
      (brule plein de bagnoles, et surtout des merco et des béhemes)

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