_1024_StructureTools 1.2

Soft update that adds:

– _1024_Structure_XYZ_Maker: quickly make an XYZ Structure
– _1024_Structure_LinearSpread : generate a linear XYZ array
– _1024_Structure_CurveSpread: generate XYZ points on a 3d curve
– _1024_Structure_BoundingBox: finds the bounding box of an XYZ Structure
– _1024_Structure_Smooth: semi-working smooth (_1024_Damping is better)

Get it from the QC Plugin Repository

6 Responses to “_1024_StructureTools 1.2”

  1. Your structure tools are great…..they would be even greater if they could be made to handle keys a bit better, although maybe you have left this out for speed?

    For the 1D structure math you throw away the key, it would be swell if it didn’t

    For the 3D structure math you also throw away they key and assume that variables are named ‘X’, ‘Y’, ‘Z’ – would be great if you looked up the key


    • Francois Wunschel Says:

      I left these out intentionally for speed.
      I now assume an XYZ structure, which simplifies things a lot in my pipeline.
      I’m aware these tools cannot cope with every situation you might encounter.

      • I’ve coded up a named structure math patch that could sit along side your index based patches if your interested in adding it in I’m happy to email you the code – or if your willing to put the plugin up on git hub I’ll add it myself

  2. hi , James

    I have located _1024_StructureTools.plugin to the Quartz Composer Plug-Ins and Quartz Composer Patches folder , when i open the sample file , i got below meesage , may i know how to solve this ?

    “> (null)
    : Patch with name “QCPlugInPatch:_1024_Structure_2dArrayStructurePlugIn” is missing

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