_1024_Damping 1.1

A slight update to support the standard XYZ structure.
In other words, this patch can now smooth a structure, provided it is in the XYZ format.
Pretty handy, all the more as it works nicely with _1024_Structure_Tools, which you’ll need to run the included example.
10.5+ UB, DL from the QC Plugins Repository

4 Responses to “_1024_Damping 1.1”

  1. Seriously guys i can’t find enough time to play with all your new plugins. I am currently like a kid in a candy store. :) Thank you for allow me to enjoy qc again

  2. ultravioletsnake Says:

    the right thing at the right time , always fresh !
    much respect for people with your attitude,
    very motivational

  3. Hi. Do the keys of the structure have to be named X Y and Z? If so, how can I do this from JS? Didn’t find anything on the Internet :(…

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