_1024_Rope 1.1 QCPlugin

Now with XYZ structure input, so there’s no need for an iterator to get multiple ropes from the same patch.
You’ll need _1024_Structure_Tools to run the included example.
Get the plugin from the QC Plugin Repository

8 Responses to “_1024_Rope 1.1 QCPlugin”

  1. is there source code for this?

  2. raffel Says:

    Somehow I can’t get it to work on osx 10.5
    tried different locations. Don’t know where I go wrong.
    It used to work on 10.6 and 10.7
    thanks for not having to use that box thingie anymore :-)

    • Francois Wunschel Says:

      my bad, I didn’t compile it for 10.5. Please download version 1.1.1, it should be fixed

  3. I can’t get it to work on Lion, can you help me? I putted in the HD/System/Library/Graphics/Quartz Composer Plug-ins. and all the compositions give me errors.

    • Francois Wunschel Says:

      should be working even on ML.
      What errors do you have ?

      • I was very lonely and confused. :) It’s working fine but thanks for trying to help me. (I had duplicates of the plugin installed in different locations, but now I have everything installed in the user library. I am kinda new to quartz composer). Your work is awesome, Francois, love the Rope plugin.

  4. Dear,

    first of all, thanks: as usual, 1024 and some others gives QC that consideration and developing that Apple should.

    I have a little problem with QC_rope: even with the included “_q024_Rope.qtz” sample, if you deselect “Enable” flag, and then select it again, something wrong happens: rope doesn’t seem to be affected by gravity in the same manner a before… trying shows it clearly. Even “Reset” flag doesn’t help.

    Is there some way to be able to enable/disable a rope during runtime avoiding such problem?


    • Francois Wunschel Says:

      _1024_Rope is experimental, so there might be some bugs here and there… sorry about that.
      Note that you could hide the Rope by disabling the rendering of points and lines.

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