_1024_CITY 1.0 QCPlugin

Yes, we are architects/urbanists after all. At some point it seems natural to merge our fields in one plugin, for fun, and for the study of an idea.

So this is a very experimental plugin to generate some city like geometry.
Undocumented, but I’ve included a few example files in the download.

It is a current work in progress, aiming at a fully dynamic/morphable city panorama system (ouch!). It already features a VertexArray Lerp, so that you can morph from one city to the other (by using SaveStart and SaveTarget, then enabling interpolation, provided Start and Target are different).

This plugin iteration was coded by our young padawan soF. There *might* be some problems so use it at your own risk. (I like saying that: it could nuke your computer, or not).

Get it from the QC PlugIn Repository under the experimental section.
Drop a comment if you enjoy, drop a picture if you made something rad !

10 Responses to “_1024_CITY 1.0 QCPlugin”

  1. Looks awesome but totally crashed me

  2. Jesse Edmond Says:

    Wow & thnx. Reminds me of some Processing sketches I’d really like. I’m gonna give it a go straight away & keep you posted (crash report or cool pics)

  3. Thanks. Running fine for me on 10.6.

  4. Excellent – it reminds me of the old Greeble plugin for 3DSMax – http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=greeble

  5. Hi Franz,
    Getting some weird but good results with this in Resolume…I think it is culling the front faces. Odd.

    • Francois Wunschel Says:

      mm … strange.
      I’m using a GL_Polygon_Offset internally, maybe that’s causing the problem, although in QC it works fine.

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