_1024_Structure_Tools 1.0(1)

Massive utility plugin, which concatenate in one plugin file multiple patches to tinker and manipulate structures in QC. It is a nice companion to KnM Data Tools
This plugin will replace the following existing _1024_Plugins (please remove them from your install folder):
– _1024_StructureMerge
– _1024_InteractionStructure
– _1024_MathStructure
– _1024_WaveGenerator
– _1024_PerlinNoise

_1024_Structure_Tools includes the following patches:
Structure Write (with a pop up dialog box)
Structure Read (for consistency)

Structure Wave (outputs wave-like positioned XYZ values)
Structure Circle (outputs circle-like positioned XYZ values)
Structure 2d Array (outputs 2d array positioned XYZ values)

Structure Truncate
Structure Shuffle
Structure Sort (according to X, Y or Z components)
Structure Merge

Structure Transform (scales and offset)
Structure Noise (generates Perlin noise XYZ values)
Structure Math (performs math operation between 2 structures)

Structure Interaction (hit test a structure)

Structure ImageToStructure (converts an image into an XYZ structure based on threshold)
Structure ImageToLuma (converts an image into a brightness array based on threshold)
Structure ImageToRGB (converts an image into a RGB structure)

Structure CSV to Vertex (reads a CSV-uf8encoded file into an XYZ structure, CSV Parser by Michael Stapelberg)
Structure Mesh to XYZ (converts mesh vertices into XYZ structure)

Structure_Queue (with additional push_front and pop_front options)

Note: after many years of fiddling with QC I finally decided to adopt a format for my structure data. Vertices, points, are stored in a XYZ format – that is compatible with Kineme GLTools – so you can expect upcoming plugins to stick to that.
A good tip to access _1024_Structure_Tools directly from the patch creator is to type “_str”, which will filter out unrelated patches.

The plugin can be downloaded from the QC PlugIns Repository and is 10.5+/UB.
– EDIT – : thx to Jayj and james, the sample files are now updated to run correctly, DL the latest 1.01 version.

Here are some snapshots of the included sample files, which will all require KnM GLTools:

11 Responses to “_1024_Structure_Tools 1.0(1)”

  1. Thanks for this. Just what ive been needing.

  2. much nicer! although it seems the math structure is missing from the package

    I removed 1024_MathStructure like it says to at the top of the post and when I run the “_1024_Structure_Queue.qtz” example i get the following

    Cannot create node of class “QCPlugInPatch” and identifier “_1024_MATH_3DStructurePlugIn”

    • Francois Wunschel Says:

      ooops, I was stupidly using the old patch.
      Fixed, please re-download the file and the samples will be correct now. Thanks for catching this !

    • Francois Wunschel Says:

      thx james and jayj, the samples are now fixed…

  3. Lovely, who needs new QC updates when we have the 1024 team releasing such incredible plugins. Thanks for sharing this.

    However I’m still missing the _1024_MATH_3DStructurePlugIn. Have tried the updated plugin, 32/64 bit mode tested, and have cleared all plugins from the Graphics folder. I’m running OSX 10.7.4 maybe this is the problem?

    • Francois Wunschel Says:

      the new plugin is named
      please reload the zip, as I’ve updated the sample file to correct this bug

  4. silviu Says:

    great work !

  5. Putain, ca bosse en ce moment !!!
    t’es tombé sur un stock de multi core ?

    • Francois Wunschel Says:

      c’est le retour du fusion qui m’as mis le boost !
      (et jme mets a la dubstep…)

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