_1024_InteractionStructure QCPlugin

This plug allows you to hit test and manipulate a XYZ element structure
(the same kind of structures you would use for KnM GLTools) with your mouse, and also allows you to nudge the last selected element with your keyboard arrows. Useful for fine-tuning positions in a structure.
Sample files included (one of them uses _1024_PerlinNoise, the other is using KnM Data Tools to load a structure on launch – formerly KnM StructureTools), 10.5+, UB.
DL from the box here, as usual.
Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License

2 Responses to “_1024_InteractionStructure QCPlugin”

  1. wowwww thats really useful , I was looking for something like that a long time a go thanks

  2. Hi! There’s a possibility tu use this plugin in your “perspective” composition to substitute the interaction patch that doesn’t work in lion as you know!!!(http://kineme.net/forum/General/Interactionpatchbug#comment-24570)
    Thank you for all your works!

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