Mission:CMS at the CERN

We’ve been contacted by the CERN to make an interactive mapping at the Large Hadron Collider CMS detector facility.
It will be a good opportunity to put our latest particle engine in action … trying to simulate hadron collisions, at 99.9% of the speed of light.

Here are some pictures showing our almost-finished 3d model and a few particles.

Front view of our 3d model:

Detail view (notice the modeled electric wires):

and a photo of the team:

the team again, but in much smaller proportions (the 3 little red helmets on the left part;):

Fun-fact about the CERN: Tim Berners-Lee invented the WWW there…

15 Responses to “Mission:CMS at the CERN”

  1. benoitlahoz Says:

    Wow !

  2. Can you project a black hole?

  3. Amazing subject for a project.

    Sweet :-)

  4. Did they have the ‘apparatus’ modelled in 3D already, the solid part, I’ve seen some of their 3D animations of how they constructed it and they seem to like 3D already :-)

  5. So awesome!

    What a great occasion for mapping! And to be contacted by CERN – major props

  6. Memo Akten Says:

    Holy Shit! That’s amazing! Awesome gig guys, congratulations! I’m jealous :)

  7. Three words … Oh my God. Thats insane fair one can’t wait to see what you chaps do

  8. God damn! you guys are awesome.

    “oh man, it’s CERN again. Those guys call ALL the time.”

  9. OMG ! This is what I call massive ! Can’t wait to see the result ! amazing :D

  10. desaxismundi Says:


  11. wooooot!


  12. Any chance they’ll be a video report for this? I would love to see how it turned out!

    Maybe you can do a celebration mapping now that they found the Higgs!

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