Fun with the flock

I’m currently polishing a nice little flocking particles plugin.
Experimenting with behaviors such as Vortex, Wind, Go_to_target (mmmmm QCstructures input …).
The initial maths are lamely based on a Cinder tutorial, but I ended up recoding evrything myself, for the sake of learning.
The next goal is to distribute particles evenly on a 3d face (not just on points or edges, any pointers to code welcome btw).
The good thing is that the rendering is fast enough to render twice per frame, allowing to play it back in realtime on a 3d TV … that we just got at the office.

4 Responses to “Fun with the flock”

  1. WOW!!! Amazing! I want to see this plug-in soon! I would like to use!

  2. bangnoise Says:

    Looks great – especially the vortex

  3. Array vertex, VBO ? les trails ressemblent un peu à des pointillés, non ?

  4. did you release this?

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