_1024_CameraCorrection QCplugin

Quartz Composer plugin to correct the perspective of a camera.
Allows to look up or down and then correct the verticals of the openGL scene to make them appear straight and parallel to the screen.
This mimics the camera correction module from 3dsMax.



10 Responses to “_1024_CameraCorrection QCplugin”

  1. Francois, your plugins are great!

    Would you be willing to share any source code of simple examples? I’m most interested in how you got the cinder based plugins working. I seem to be getting stuck on header libraries and including boost correctly.

  2. I always used the GL Matrix Multiplier in this cases. Anyway great job for making it more intuitive!

  3. Trail & Error Says:

    Im trying to use the CameraCorrection QCplugin on an exported object (.fbx) from Cinema 4D. When adding a light to this object and casting the shadows I want to stretch the object using the CameraCorrection QCplugin, to be able to correct my beamer. When doing this the original footage of the object imported remaines in my beamer output, and the CameraCorrection QCplugin is duplicating a second image which I can control. But I really want this original footage gone. For obvious reason. Any suggestions? Cheers!

  4. Trail & Error Says:

    Cheers for your quick answer, to bad about the shadow part, but what the hell. Thanks al lot for the CameraCorrection QCplugin!!!!

  5. Awesome plugin – Which elements of the opengl projection matrix are you changing to achieve these effect?

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