BXL MadMapper workshop report

Super-busy recently, I just took some time to make a proper report of our MadMapper workshop in Brussels.
It last for 2 days, with a collective presentation at the end.
The ceiling was perfect for video-mapping, with lots of details and industrial elements, so we decided to focus on it.
Here’s the final result:

MM + Mad_Line + Mad_Graphics:

We also had the time to teach the participants how to use the Space Scanner function, on a still life, composed of some fruits “borrowed” at the catering:

Closer view:

The resulting scan (notice how this technique is even able to capture the specular refexion on the fruits):

The mandatory cocktail performance (Computer-controlled mapped-blenders):

And we mapped our friend Mike:

Conclusion: it was a Mad workshop.

As a bonus, a photo of the Mad_After_Party, this is me swording a watermelon on Boris’head.

10 Responses to “BXL MadMapper workshop report”

  1. Where can I find information of your workshops?
    – Do you have any knowlegde of video mapping for following this workshop?

  2. hey, what a great time with Madmapper kru. thxxx for the pix.
    See u on January

  3. Looks like great fun.

  4. Would love to see a workshop in Los Angeles! Extremely new to this whole mapping/visual scene, but I am a DJ and looking to separate myself from every 15 yr old who now think their dh’s as well. Keep up the good work! Loving what you guys do!

  5. Hi, is there a pre made sphere warp mesh available to enable us to project onto one half of a perfect sphere? thanks kye

  6. […] Frz posted a report about the MadMapping Workshop in Brussels on the 1024 blog. I am a bit jealous because they had an amazing ceiling to work with, see above photo and more when you read the article. […]

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