MadMapper workshop in Taipei

We’ll be performing Euphoria this week end in Taipei, TW.
So it is a good opportunity to make a quick workshop at the Taipei National University of Arts, in order to test the new features we’ll be releasing at some point in the future.
Big up to all the participants.

5 Responses to “MadMapper workshop in Taipei”

  1. Hi~
    Thank you!
    It’s a wonderful workshop.
    I will visit your show. :)

  2. Hey Franz, it would be very nice to have a custom warp point creation tool, kind of puppet tool in AEFX where you can select where you want the points to be created. we had this project and this feature would have been very handy.

    Great work, looking forward to the neext update

  3. Hello,

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    Is about a project I am leading and is related with a sequence of photos I am taking every single day and show how is the complete process to build a house/building in Japan.

    Please feel free to get into and share if you want.

    Thank you for your time,



  4. xrumer blast Says:

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  5. your work shop is excellent i wonder if do you have work shop in any country like japan and korea? i hope do you have in those place

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