Nuit Electro @Grand Palais

Sometimes at 1024 we just like it when there’s no video involved in our project.
Here are some photos (by Julie Guiches) of the Nuit Electro, for which we designed the scenography of the whole space, including stage, lighting, bars, lasers, stroboscopes array, chillout…
An indoor architecture made of light beams and containers.

5 Responses to “Nuit Electro @Grand Palais”

  1. I love using smoke and light to slice up the room, and this is awesome

  2. great work!

  3. The intersecting lasers are a great idea

  4. blackburst Says:


  5. Heh, I was in Paris that night – and thought about coming there – but didn’t understand the ticket thing – only for some mobile comp clients. Looks ace.

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