Washing Machine Club

Yesterday we had a little party at the Washing Machine Club, a temporary club made out of cardboard boxes, at Lago Shop in Paris.
It was a good opportunity to test MadMapper’s preset system, that allows one to switch mapping setups on the fly (including surfaces positions and input selections).
Verdict: it is working great !
We also had a good time playing with MAD_VideoDelay from the MAD_Lab apps, recording designs and graphics from clothes, without the need of producing VJ loops or video content, at all.

7 Responses to “Washing Machine Club”

  1. is this a new feature for the following update? is there a possibility of trying out a Beta of this? I have a show next weekend where this option would be fantastic to switch between rendered footage from C4D and using a multiple triangle mesh on the shape we build.


  2. when do you think this will be released more or less?


  3. Pshhh…. !

  4. Niklas Coyne Says:

    hell yeah!

  5. nelsonmay Says:

    Reblogged this on nelsondiaries.

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