Mapping the SAM

We’re currently in Singapore mapping the Art Museum.
The setup was quite complicated, 5x Christie HD18k, with 2 stacks on the sides.
Output Resolution was a huge 3840 * 720, fed from a QC app to MadMapper thanks to Syphon.

The QC output:
a large decomposition of all the facades, animated.

Adjustments in MadMapper:

And the projected result:

14 Responses to “Mapping the SAM”

  1. Will you upload the QC app???

  2. As always I love the simplicity of your setups.
    One qc composition -> one MadMapper -> A shitload of beamers :)

  3. and beamers shit loaded with Ansilumens!!!

  4. What did you use as video codec for best performance at this resolution with qc ?

  5. question about the output. when you go this big resolutions is it still th2g thats driving the output or do you go by several computers and sync them? thank you for all the inspiration : )

  6. Hi Franz, great job on this, huge amount of pixels, I’m just curious how do you manage to send the output from madmapper to 5 different beamers, as I understood it only supported 1 physical GPU output (which could be splitted with a Matrox TH2go)??

  7. ok so this is really videomapping more please can you tell us more about this one?

  8. did this one ever see the light of night?

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