UZN: opening night

Reported after a storm, the opening took place on Saturday.

Scaffolding structure over the Usine.
Neon Tubes.

Here’s our hand drawn matrix projected on the building:

and a 2d view coming from our software:

AntiVJ also performed on the setup,
using Modul8 and MadMapper:

4 Responses to “UZN: opening night”

  1. Wow! I wish I could have seen it… Thank you for a very nice documentation on this project. Keep up the good work!

  2. “and a 2d view coming from our software” what software? can you animate those lines without going in ae?
    is there a way to import an image into madmapper as an alpha mask?

    nice work!

    • Francois Wunschel Says:

      we have a custom software to animate those lines without AE., in realtime.
      There’s also the MAD_Line which can do this, to some extents.

  3. ahh i thought the hole structure would dive into the water!…. hey maybe the next stage is to animate and move the scalfolds? great work once again!

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