Electro-Guinguette, powered by MadMapper

So there’s a party. And you’ve got a computer. Great.
What can you do in 15 minutes?

Open up MadMapper, launch a few apps from the MAD_Lab, and you’re good to go !
What’s the MAD_Lab you may ask … ?

It is a set of tiny little applications designed to provide content for your MadMapper parties… yes, no more VJloops, no more AfterEffects rendering.
All the content is generated on location, in realtime.
FYI the MAD_Lab will be available soon (next week ?) for all MadMapper users, for free…

Here’s what Pier can do in 15 minutes, at a party in the Drome, FR.
Outlining the trees ? … mmm, not really a problem !

4 Responses to “Electro-Guinguette, powered by MadMapper”

  1. great news ;)

  2. Sta12 & VO Says:

    Wow! Can’t wait!

  3. excellent 15min look, wondering what’s the set-up for outlining the trees, kinect ? or simple 3D painting ?

    cheers !

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